Annie's Flooring and Commercial Services

Published: 27-Aug-2018

Annie’s Carpet Cleaning and Flooring Becomes Annie’s Flooring and Commercial Services with New Ownership!

“When an opportunity presents itself, will you be ready?” This is a question every successful entrepreneur can answer with a resilient YES! Melinda Nearhoof was presented with the opportunity to purchase the long-standing Annie’s Flooring located in Meadville- PA, and decided to capture a fantastic opportunity to change her life. 

Annie’s flooring, specializing in flooring installations and carpet cleaning, has been serving customers of Northwestern PA for over 30 years. Being a loyal customer, Melinda and her husband Tony were saddened when they were informed the owner was in the process of winding down and looking to sell. Melinda, who dabbled previously in entrepreneurship, decided this would be a fantastic opportunity and pursued becoming the new owner.

She contacted the SBDC’s Crawford Outreach for assistance on purchasing the business. She was pretty far along in the process but needed to meet the bank’s requirement of producing a business plan and financial projections.  With the assistance of her consultant, Melinda was able to craft a well thought out business plan-helping her discover and solve potential organizational challenges. Melinda also worked with her consultant to develop healthy business practices records and developed a strong marketing strategy.  Also, Melinda received motivational support to continue throughout the whole process, even when times looked bleak.

With the help of Erie Bank, Melinda was able to become the new owner in March of 2018. Upon gaining ownership, she began to capture as many opportunities as possible-one being landing a contract with a local medical facility. Melinda also wanted to brand the business as hers and decided to rename the business as Annie’s Flooring and Commercial Services. She also added new service offerings.

Entrepreneurship does not come without its challenges, Melinda was operating the business as the sole employee, after working long days and weekends, she gained the self-assurance to hire her first employee, the same day she held her official Ribbon Cutting!

Melinda is an excellent addition to the community. Her passion, work ethic, and desire for success make her a great role model, especially for future female entrepreneurs.  Even with running a successful business, Melinda still finds time for her family, whom also contributed significantly to the success of the business.  The SBDC will continue to provide assistance to ensure Annie’s Flooring and Commercial Services remains a staple in the community.