Raw Boxing and Fitness

Published: 06-Nov-2014

Clifford Gregory

Raw Boxing and Fitness

211 Federal Street,
Farrell, PA

Mercer County


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Raw Boxing and Fitness has been in the development stage for its owner, Clifford “Cliff” Gregory, for some time. Through life lessons in his youth, he looks to impact others now that he is an adult.

Raw Boxing and Fitness will provide an opportunity for youth and adults in the Farrell community. Farrell is a community in desperate need of change and growth. The youth do not have alternative programs after school and on the weekend. But, Cliff’s business, Raw Boxing and Fitness, is looking to change that aspect.

Cliff has been through so much personally and he can relate to many life challenges that youth have in this community. He can see the signs in the youth because he had gone through such similar situations and can immediately address that with a variety of coping factors that he has learned through boxing and physical training.

It is through Cliff’s personal challenges that he had growing up at home and at school that has led him to want to make the difference in this community. With a commitment and belief that he has a spiritual purpose, he is persevering to make the best business decisions such as starting out in rental space at the local YMCA in Farrell. Not only will this reduce his upfront costs, it will bring more attention to the YMCA, its mission and how it ties to Cliff’s business goals.

Why a focus on boxing? Doesn’t it look at creating more violence? The answer is no and research on other programs in other cities have displayed this. Boxing provides discipline and self-confidence and instills a work ethic within the commitment made to the program. Not only will there be a physical exertion which will increase body strength, it will create an environment where nutrition will also be incorporated to all overall well-being. This is as much psychological training as it is physical training when you really look at this craft.

Overall, all you need to do in spend a few moments with Cliff and you will hear what it has done for him. Raw Boxing and Fitness looks to address overall fitness which impacts the overall well-being. Cliff will look to expand on programs as the business grows. He feels that there are a number of areas that he can address such as life skills and more hands on nutrition education to name a couple.

Cliff is a licensed personal trainer and also professional boxer. Grand opening/ribbon cutting is planned for January 24th 2014.