Published: 01-Aug-2017

Heather Steiner owns Fluid Engineering and its affiliate TM Industrial Supply.  TM Industrial was established in 1976.  Its original focus was the manufacturing of separators, receivers, pulsation dampening bottles, and knockout pots for the air and gas markets.


In 1986, Fluid Engineering was established to design and manufacture specialized strainers used in the power generation, utility, wastewater, and water treatment markets.


In 1996, the Envirovision Modular Systems division of TM Industrial Supply was created to focus on water purification with products such as strainers, bag filters, sand filtration systems, and ozone disinfection packages.


In 2009, the TM Filtration division was established with a focus on TM’s newly patented GFC cleanable coalescing technology in the compressed air and gas filtration industries.    

Assistance Requested/Provided by SBDC

Heather Steiner had been planning to expand her business again in 2016 by acquiring additional machinery.  She had hoped to get some economic development funds for this project, but decided against it at that time.  She then talked with Farm Credit Services to finance her equipment.  She once again came back to the Gannon SBDC to have financial projections prepared for her loan proposal.  The SBDC assisted with this request and also provided the client with financial analysis to benchmark her companies with industry standards.      

Outcome and Impacts

Heather’s loan was approved and she received $1.2 million in term loans and $1.4 million in lines of credit.  With the added machinery, the client could see sales of nearly $10 million by 2018 and this would enable her to add up to seven new good-paying manufacturing jobs.